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These are the most recent sightings sent to us by members and the public. If you would like to log a sighting of any flora or fauna in the Toodyay area, please click the link provided. You must enter your name for for us to verify your sighting, and contact details at the end of your notes, as we may need to get more details from you. Please try and limit the number of characters you enter to 100. A photograph will be a great advantage in identification those hard to identify creatures

Log a sighting

# Date Location Species Notes
1401 27-01-1999 Stirlingia Drive, Toodyay Python, Western Stimson's (Antaresia stimsoni stimsoni) 75cm length; moving across gravel road into bush; hot, clear day with hot winds; 24 DEG C; light brown with darker patterning (Python Survey)
1402 23-01-1999 Morangup, and southern part of Toodyay Event Tornado ripped through the south western part of the Shire, ripping out huge mature marri trees, uprooting others, and splitting others off at the base. Caused huge flood down Jimperding Brook, with over a metre at Lovers Lane causeway. Toodyay Road had vegetation levelled for nearly a kilometre on one side of the road, and the road was impassable.
1403 14-01-1999 Julimar Farms Python, Carpet (Morelia spilota imbricata) Relocated 1 metre animal from a bird cage into the adjacent bushland
1404 12-01-1999 Beaufort Street, Toodyay Legless Lizard, Burton's (Lialis burtonis) Mid morning; 26.5cm long
1405 10-01-1999 Adinanthos Road Death Adder, Southern (Acanthophis antarcticus) In marri letter late at night - reptile identified. Danny Ballard
1406 10-01-1999 Sandplain Road, Toodyay Parrot, Elegant Three birds on power lines
1407 05-01-1999 Stirlingia Drive, Toodyay Echidna Two animals 'cuddling' in gravel on edge of road
1408 31-12-1998 Lot 11 Stirlingia Drive, Toodyay Python, Western Stimson's (Antaresia stimsoni stimsoni) 19.30hrs-1 metre investigating sliding door then disappeared through the hubcap of the car-photographed 10cms of disppearing tail.
1409 31-12-1998 White Gum Ridge, off Red Gum Circle, Regal Hills, Toodyay Python, Carpet (Morelia spilota imbricata) 17.30hrs-1 metre-lying on road-encouraged off road on to verge-Carol Worrell.
1410 31-12-1998 Stirlingia Drive, Toodyay Python, Western Stimson's (Antaresia stimsoni stimsoni) One metre specimen trying to find its way into our house at 7.45pm. Day hot (36.5C) very humid, with rain threatening.
1411 31-12-1998 Red Gum Circle, Morangup Python, Carpet (Morelia spilota imbricata) Pending thunderstorm, hot and blustery winds; not photographed Carol Worrell (Python Survey)
1412 30-12-1998 Stirling Terrace Sparrowhawk, Collared Trapped in large bird avery; youngster. Caught by Northam Wildlife Carer and cared for. To be released between Toodyay and Northam when well
1413 27-12-1998 Blackboy Way, Morangup, Toodyay Python, Western Stimson's (Antaresia stimsoni stimsoni) Found by John Stevens on house veranda then moved away to garden over rocks.
1414 27-12-1998 Blackboy Way, Morangup, Toodyay Python, Western Stimson's (Antaresia stimsoni stimsoni) 07.45hrs-on back veranda then moved to rocks and moved over them-photographed-John Stevens.
1415 26-12-1998 Blackboy Way, Morangup, Toodyay Python, Western Stimson's (Antaresia stimsoni stimsoni) 10.30hrs-1.2 metre-45mm girth-sloughing its skin on veranda at door-killed by lady owner-reported by John Stevens.
1416 22-12-1998 Koojedda Road, Bakers hill Python, Carpet (Morelia spilota imbricata) 1.6 metres-attracted by agitated Magpies-swamp nearby-easing itself through the branches of an almond tree-excellent condition-black and white and shiny-Dave McGinlay.
1417 06-12-1998 Marri Glades Snake, Southern Half-girdled Approx 26cm in length. Found in house. Photographed Jack Hammer
1418 05-12-1998 Stirlingia Drive, Toodyay Burrowing-frog, Spotted (Heleioporus albopunctatus) On back verandah - damp weather; 11:45pm
1419 05-12-1998 Stirlingia Drive, Toodyay Skink sp. Small, with stubby tail - had an ant holding on to its back leg; It was removed
1420 27-11-1998 Marri Glades, Toodyay Python, Carpet (Morelia spilota imbricata) 2 years previously-1 metre-beautiful gold with brown stripes-on woodheap-escaped down a hole-dug it out and killed it-Jack Hammer. (???Woma)

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