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These are the most recent sightings sent to us by members and the public. If you would like to log a sighting of any flora or fauna in the Toodyay area, please click the link provided. You must enter your name for for us to verify your sighting, and contact details at the end of your notes, as we may need to get more details from you. Please try and limit the number of characters you enter to 100. A photograph will be a great advantage in identification those hard to identify creatures

Log a sighting

# Date Location Species Notes
21 28-01-2019 near Wandoo Circle tabby cat tabby cat caught in a trap and taken by the rangers. Did not appear that aggressive or wild
22 26-01-2019 Avon River, Toodyay, downstrean from Newcastle Bridge Stilt 11am, single bird wading in a pool, below the Toodyay Miniature Railway track.
23 17-01-2019 Wandoo Circle small quail and chicks Seen at 5.10PM adult bird and 2 chicks walking across the road. No photo taken
24 17-01-2019 near Wandoo Circle rainbow bee eaters A couple of birds seen and heard, flying quite high, 5.15PM
25 13-01-2019 Bejoording Chuditch? About 10pm, near our cockies cage, smoky/grey colour with white spots.
26 13-01-2019 near Wandoo Circle ? pobblebonk frog Seen at 8.15PM hoping along the pavement. no photo taken
27 10-01-2019 Majestic Heights Bee-eater, Rainbow Three or four birds heard. Number of sightings this year is way down. Many other birdos not seeing them either
28 10-01-2019 Mt Anderson Street birds Dawn chorus not as noisy in the new year as it had been during Spring and early Summer in 2018. Now its relatively quiet. Rufus Whistler had been very prevalent last year,haven't heard him this January.
29 10-01-2019 224 Parkland Dr Julimar Western white-naped Honeyeater Location is Marri/Jarrah and dryandra woodlands. Throughout the day in very hot weather small flocks of Western white-naped honeyeaters use the birdbath to drink and bath � photographed.
30 29-12-2018 near Wandoo Circle Toodyay Burtons legless lizard Seen resting almost totally under plant pot. 8.47AM photos taken
31 27-12-2018 near Wandoo Circle Toodyay Diamond or SW Carpet Python Python moving slowly across driveway about 5PM. Several photos taken, over about 15 minutes.
32 22-12-2018 near Panorama Ave Toodyay monitor lizard Seen briefly before it ran into a drainpipe. Very dark/black in colour, long thin body and tail. 9.45 in the morning
33 21-12-2018 Majestic Heights Falcon, Peregrine Had been at our bird baths
34 17-12-2018 Wilkerson Rd West Toodyay Bobtails At least 8-10. Theyre here every day and have been for years. There are at least 2 new juveniles this season. Most of them have a few ticks but still look healthy. Last year I took a couple to Kanyana with the flu like symptoms but after treatment I brought them home, as well as some extras which needed rehoming. Theyre mostly quite habituated to me and climb over my feet or try to climb up my leg. A bit scratchy!
35 09-12-2018 Wilkerson Rd West Toodyay Splendid fairy wrens A pair in breeding colours. They are regular residents. Have been here for years.
36 08-12-2018 Wilkerson rd west Toodyay Tawny frogmouth On branch of dead tree in front garden at night
37 02-12-2018 Wilkerson rd west Toodyay Monitor, Black-tailed Inside the cupboard under my laundry sink! Don�t know how he got inside, may have been there for a while. After about an hour he made his way to the back door and stayed there while I slowly slid it open and he went quite calmly into the back yard. An interesting afternoon. I got a photo. He was about 60cm long and looked quite mature.
38 29-11-2018 Majestic Heights Bee-eater, Rainbow Seen and heard flying around.
39 29-11-2018 129 Stirlingia Drive, Toodyay 6566 Bobtail A small Bobtail with a 'pointy tail, that is well known to us and known as Little Girl, visited today. She took several small pieces of apple from my fingers, would have liked to touch my toes and had a drink of water from a plant base. She had three very large ticks on her with two on her back and one on the (L) side of the mouth. Her (L) eye wasn't opening as much as the (R) but did not look infected, etc.
40 28-11-2018 Majestic Heights Tree-creeper, Rufous Around the house for days

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