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These are the most recent sightings sent to us by members and the public. If you would like to log a sighting of any flora or fauna in the Toodyay area, please click the link provided. You must enter your name for for us to verify your sighting, and contact details at the end of your notes, as we may need to get more details from you.
The following information would be useful, if at all possible.
1) time of day?
2) weather conditions?
3) landscape eg: road verge, scrubland, breakaway country, high or low in a tree, etc, ?
4) what the creature was doing at the time of the sighting?
5) approximate size?
6) gender (if possible)?
7) colouration?
8) photographed?
9) any other interesting observation/s at the time of sighting?
10) for plants, the surrounding growth, number of plants and their general condition, is it a wetland?

Please try and limit the number of characters you enter to 100. A photograph will be a great advantage in identification of those hard to categorise animals or plants

Log a sighting

# Date Location Species Notes
21 28-04-2020 Stirlingia Drive, Toodyay Echidna At camera. Movie saved
22 27-04-2020 Parkland Dr Julimar Robin, Red-capped Still cloudy morning saw Red Capped Robin low on the ground for the first time since June last year.
23 25-04-2020 Coondle West Rd Frogmouth, Tawny Sitting on a fence post after dark. Lee Francis
24 25-04-2020 Stirlingia Drive, Toodyay Possum, Common brushtail Light tail
25 23-04-2020 Wilkerson Rd Honeyeater, Yellow-plumed Had a quick drink at dish on the ground. Could clearly see the yellow on the sides of the neck area and streaky greyish chest. Lee Francis
26 22-04-2020 Stirlingia Drive, Toodyay Fox, European On breakaway behind woodheap
27 22-04-2020 Stirlingia Drive, Toodyay Possum, Common brushtail Dark tail
28 18-04-2020 Wilkerson Rd Silvereye About a dozen taking turns in groups of 3 or 4 to dive from a grevillea to a water dish on the ground.
29 18-04-2020 Wilkerson Rd Whistler, Rufous Bathing and preening.
30 18-04-2020 Wilkerson Rd Thornbill, Chestnut-rumped Two in melaleuca bush. They seem to like this particular bush and appear to pick something off the stems, although I�ve never been able to see what it is.
31 18-04-2020 Wilkerson Rd Bronzewing, Common Two, regular visitors all year round. Usually have a drink from a large trough or a smaller bowl near the back fence.
32 17-04-2020 Redbank Pool, Avon River Pelican, Australian
33 17-04-2020 Redbank Pool, Avon River Spoonbill, Yellow-billed 4 sighted
34 17-04-2020 Redbank Pool, Avon River Cormorant, Little Pied At least 4 birds
35 17-04-2020 Redbank Pool, Avon River Cormorant, Little Black Single bird with Little Pied Cormorants
36 17-04-2020 Redbank Pool, Avon River Coot, Eurasian Numerous birds with other bird species
37 17-04-2020 Wilkerson Rd Wagtail, Willie At birdbath in back yard
38 17-04-2020 Redbank Pool, Avon River Shelduck, Australian; Mountain Duck A pair flying up then down river
39 15-04-2020 Wilkerson Rd Robin, Red-capped Bathing in water dish on the ground then came almost to the back door.
40 15-04-2020 Wilkerson Rd Fairy-wren, Splendid Presumably same one as yesterday, which I think is a male in non breeding plumage, but today joined by two others. Never sure whether they�re female or juveniles.

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