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These are the most recent sightings sent to us by members and the public.
If you would like to log a sighting of any flora or fauna in the Toodyay area, please click the link provided. Please enter your name for for us to verify your sighting,and contact details at the end of your notes, as we may need to get more details from you.
You do not have to be a member.
The following information would be useful, if at all possible.
1) time of day?
2) weather conditions?
3) landscape eg: road verge, scrubland, breakaway country, high or low in a tree, etc, ?
4) what the creature was doing at the time of the sighting?
5) approximate size?
6) gender (if possible)?
7) colouration?
8) photographed?
9) any other interesting observation/s at the time of sighting?
10) for plants, the surrounding growth, number of plants and their general condition, is it a wetland?

Please try and limit the number of characters you enter to 100. A photograph will be a great advantage in identification of those hard to categorise animals or plants

Log a sighting

# Date Location Species Notes
21 24-08-2022 Wandoo Circle, Vernon Hills Spinebill, Western (Acanthorhynchus supercilious) 5PM Calm overcast weather Male western spinebill feeding on small aloe flowers
22 24-08-2022 Wandoo Circle, Vernon Hills Black Cockatoo, White-tailed (Carnaby's) 4.45PM Cloudy calm afternoon 3 birds sighted, high in a wandoo tree, one was squawking a lot and being fed by another
23 20-08-2022 Julimar Conservation Park Snake, Gould's Hooded; Parasuta gouldii Found during survey with the Julimar Conservation And Forest Alliance (JCAFA)
24 14-08-2022 West Toodyay former railway track Fungus, Lattice; Basket (Clathrus pusillus) A bright red fungi made up of several upright sections that join at the top. About 5cm high. It had emerged from a split in a pod resembling a round stone. Another pod next to it. The track will be part of a TFOR walking trail.
25 09-08-2022 Julimar Fungus, Golden Wood; Gymnopilus allantopus Growing on a dead jarrah log. One large fungus and 3 smaller fungus on the same log. A species of mushroom in the family Cortinariaceae. It is commonly known as the golden wood fungus. Photos taken
26 09-08-2022 Julimar Fungus, Cortinarius microarchorie Found 3 fungus growing on the floor of decaying jarrah and dryandra matter, surrounded by dryandra bushes. Cortinarius microarcheri is a basidiomycete fungus of the genus Cortinarius native to South and Western Australia, where it grows under Eucalyptus. Photos taken
27 08-08-2022 Stirlingia Drive, Majestic Heights Dunnart sp. (Sminthopsis sp.) Unfortunately caught in a mouse trap on the (enclosed) back verandah. Have frozen waiting to get positive identification. Photographed.
28 06-08-2022 back garden 6 Mt Anderson Street Whistler, Rufous Flitting about, possibly looking for insects.
29 04-08-2022 Whitfield Road, Dumbarton Honeyeater, Yellow-plumed Mature adult flew into window and did not recover
30 01-08-2022 Whitfield Road, Dumbarton Kite, Black-shouldered Four individuals in aerial display with raucous calling
31 31-07-2022 Stirlingia Drive, Majestic Heights Pardelote, Striated Returned from its migration.
32 27-07-2022 Stirlingia Drive, Majestic Heights Fairy-wren, Splendid A male and a number of female birds sighted in garden near house
33 27-07-2022 Stirlingia Drive, Majestic Heights Cuckoo-shrike, Black-faced Not regular at present
34 20-07-2022 Stirlingia Drive, Majestic Heights Black Cockatoo, White-tailed (Carnaby's) Eight birds flying along Stirlingia Drive, then over our property
35 10-07-2022 Stirlingia Drive, Majestic Heights Robin, Scarlet In trees behind house - photographed
36 10-07-2022 Stirlingia Drive, Majestic Heights Gerygone, Western On ground behind house. Photographed.
37 03-07-2022 Wandoo Circle, Vernon Hills Black Cockatoo, White-tailed (Carnaby's) 2 birds seen sitting high on dead branches of a wandoo, more heard
38 03-07-2022 Wandoo Circle, Vernon Hills Robin, Scarlet 4.30PM Male and female bird seen bathing in birdbath
39 03-07-2022 Wandoo Circle, Vernon Hills Whistler, Rufous 4.30ish Dipping in and out of the birdbath
40 25-06-2022 Wandoo Circle, Vernon Hills Skink, Shingleback; Skink, Bobtail; Tiliqua rugusa rugosa 1.30PM Sitting on top of the leaf litter amongst the Wandoo trees sunning itself.

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