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These are the most recent sightings sent to us by members and the public.
If you would like to log a sighting of any flora or fauna in the Toodyay area, please click the link provided. Please enter your name for for us to verify your sighting,and contact details at the end of your notes, as we may need to get more details from you.
You do not have to be a member.
The following information would be useful, if at all possible.
1) time of day?
2) weather conditions?
3) landscape eg: road verge, scrubland, breakaway country, high or low in a tree, etc, ?
4) what the creature was doing at the time of the sighting?
5) approximate size?
6) gender (if possible)?
7) colouration?
8) photographed?
9) any other interesting observation/s at the time of sighting?
10) for plants, the surrounding growth, number of plants and their general condition, is it a wetland?

Please try and limit the number of characters you enter to 100. A photograph will be a great advantage in identification of those hard to categorise animals or plants

Log a sighting

# Date Location Species Notes
2221 13-11-1991 Arinya Farm, Dowerin Cuckoo-shrike, Black-faced Nesting 15 foot up in a Banksia. By Craig Boase
2222 13-11-1991 Arinya Farm, Dowerin Cuckoo-shrike, Black-faced 15 foot up in a banksia Historic recording by Craig Boase
2223 12-11-1991 Woodendale Farm, Toodyay Echidna Found in backyard of homestead. Most unusual as this farm has been cleared since 1840. By Ray Paynter
2224 08-11-1991 Lake Moolin Pool Duck, Freckled 10 - 16 birds observed. Info received from an unidentified farmer
2225 02-11-1991 Coondle West Road Bee-eater, Rainbow First sighting in this area for over 20 years. By Sam Cook
2226 01-11-1991 Glen Avon, Toodyay-Northam Road Tortice, Long-necked Basking on a dead log in the Avon River. Historic record by Max Howard
2227 19-10-1991 Toodyay Songlark, Rufous This species has not appeared in the Toodyay area this year in the numbers it usually is. By Max Howard
2228 19-10-1991 Picnic Hill Chat, White-fronted Up to 50 birds. By Ross McDougall
2229 19-10-1991 Seabrook, via Northam Frogmouth, Tawny Nest with 2 young. Used again this year. Lindsay Milhinch
2230 18-10-1991 Wongamine Nature Reserve Possum, Common brushtail Tail of this species found on the road next to the reserve. By Ray Paynter
2231 16-10-1991 Glen Avon, Toodyay-Northam Road Moorhen, Dusky Nesting at farm. By John Masters
2232 16-10-1991 Glen Avon, Toodyay-Northam Road Grebe, Australasian Nesting on farm dam. By John Masters
2233 16-10-1991 Glen Avon, Toodyay-Northam Road Coot, Eurasian Nesting on farm dam. By John Masters
2234 15-10-1991 Nundah Farm, Katrine Road, Northam Frogmouth, Tawny Adult and one large young in nest 5 metres up in tree around sheep yards. The following day the nest was empty. By John Masters
2235 15-10-1991 Glen Avon, Toodyay-Northam Road Grebe, Great-crested One pair on Glen Avon Dam have been around a few days. Courtship behaviour observed. By Jim Masters
2236 12-10-1991 York townsite Owl, Barking Heard calling. By Chris Miles
2237 21-09-1991 Julimar Springs Bronzewing, Common Nesting observed on bushland property. By Maxine Walker
2238 21-09-1991 Julimar Springs Frogmouth, Tawny Has returned after a short absence. By Maxine Walker
2239 21-09-1991 Toodyay townsite Raven, Australian Observed to have taken 10 domestic ducklings. By Nancy Leaver
2240 21-09-1991 Toodyay townsite Eagle, Wedge-tailed Observed flying over the town. By Lyn Johnson

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