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One of our members has photographed an unusually large stick insect. To correctly identify it (it may even be a new species) we need to collect specimens if possible or a photograph/s.
You can help in the search - the insect favours both wandoo and powderbark wandoo leaves; you would need to search at night.
Please report any finds to our Observations Officer
Check out the image below of the stick insect, and its size (over 17cm from tip of tail to top of proboscis or snout).

stick insect

Photo: Robyn Taylor.

2021 Calendar of Events

Our 2021 Programme can now be viewed
For further details contact our President Desrae Clarke

Exploring Toodyay... naturally

The Toodyay Naturalists' Club's latest book a guide to exploring Toodyay... naturally is available for purchase only through the club. It has 190 pages, with colour illustrations throughout; a brief description appears in this flyer, along with details of how to order. The cost of the guide is $27.00 plus packing and postage

...- Pest Alert .. Rainbow Lorikeets -...


Rainbow Lorikeets have again been recorded in Toodyay. (Photo: Jennifer Donegan)
In Perth, rainbow lorikeets cause a variety of problems including:
• damage to backyard fruit crops
• fouling of outdoor areas and vehicles with droppings
• competition with other species for food and nest sites
• noise
• in the Swan Valley, lorikeets cause damage to commercial table and wine grape crops
• damage fruit in orchards in the Perth hills
• they are carriers of Psittacine beak and feather disease and pose a potential disease risk to wild and captive parrots
If you see them around the Shire it would be really appreciated if you could email Brett Scourse from the Department of Primary Industries and Rural Development with the words "Rainbow Lorikeets" in the subject line.

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Drummond House, the home of the Toodyay Naturalists' Club, is located at 108b Stirling Terrace (next to the Toodyay Bendigo Bank ATM). This is shared with the Toodyay Friends of the River Inc. and Toodyay Historical Society Inc. Drummond House and is open to the public each Saturday between 10am and 12pm. This is a good time to drop in and meet our members, learn more about Toodyay, find out what the groups are doing - or just socialise.
The TNC is grateful for the assistance of Bendigo Bank and the Toodyay Op Shop with this new home

DRUMMOND HOUSE IS OPEN TO VISITORS , but please ensure you sign our visitor's book and comply with COVID-19 distancing rules.

Newsletter and Back Issues

The Club regularly publishes the TNC Newsletter, a high quality publication on natural history. Read the latest EDITION or you can download back copies.

You can subscribe to the newsletters or order back copies - please type 'subscribe' or 'back copies' with your name and email address addresses in the subject line. For back copies list the copies you require in the text area.

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Science for Saving Species

Research to address our cat-astrophe.
Check out the latest News from the Threatened Species Recovery Hub on research into feral cats, foxes, rabbits and other undesirable imports.
You can read all about the Felixer, a new device that uses lasers and poison gel to target feral cats, in the ABC news article here

New Website and Observation App
Negotiations are underway for the development of an updated Website, and an 'Observations' App that will allow entries to be made 'in the field'. This project is in association with TAFE Diploma students. FURTHER DETAILS TO COME...

John Masters Bird Hide.
The Toodyay Naturalists' Club's John Masters Bird Hide, and the Toodyay Friends of the River's Bilya Walk Track, continue to attract a host of visitors and walkers.

Wheatbelt NRM Newsletter
Wheatbelt NRM is sponsor of our Newsletter. View the latest Wheatbelt NRM Newsletter or download back issues

Next Event

The Saturday March 20th guest speaker is to be reptile guru, Bob Cooper. Bob has had an interest in reptiles since primary school. His knowledge and reputation is known throughout Australia and many overseas countries as not only a reptile expert but a teacher of ‘Outback Survival’.
The meeting will be held in the Anglican Church Hall Stirling Terrace (next to the Anglican Church). Please enter from the rear. Commencing at 7pm, followed by supper, and a General Meeting. PLEASE NOTE NEW VENUE.

For further details contact our President Desrae Clarke

Page updated 3rd March 2021

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