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Our History

In early 1967, a local farmer, Wally Chitty* had an idea of forming a club in Toodyay, along the lines of the Northam Wildflower Club. He discussed this idea with a number of local community members.
Later that year, Dawn Atwell* (a farmer from Woodendale), Ray Paynter* (a farmer from Clackline), Hazel Hastie* (a farmer’s wife from Deepdale) and Albie North* (a Shire Councillor and farmer from Strathavon) met to further Wally Chitty's idea. They discussed and then formulated the objectives of such a Club.


So began the Toodyay Naturalists' Club, an organisation highly respected in the local and wider community for its views on the conservation of natural history. Evidence of this respect is its receipt of the prestigious John Tonkin Greening Award in 1996.

The full story of the early days of the Toodyay Naturalists' Club through to the present era can be found in the Club's history book The Toodyay Naturalists' Club: 40 years of Observation and Education (1968-2008), published in July 2010 (ISBN 978 0 9595569 3 3). For more information and details of how to order, please contact the Secretary.
You can read some 'Facts and Figures 1968-2013' on the club's past, compiled by Beth Frayne.

The club has recently published 'A guide to exploring Toodyay... naturally', launched on 27 October, 2018. It has 190 pages, a comprehensive index and colour photographs throughout. Priced at $27 (plus P&P if applicable) it is only available through the club. Orders can be placed by contacting our President or can be purchased at Drummond House between 10am and noon on Saturdays.
Cost to members $15, non-members $27.00 (for an extra $3 you can become a member($15) AND have the book ($15), total $30 compared to $27 for the book only).

The TNC has produced a number of other publications., some of which are out of print.
The Nature Series can be printed for personal use however the TNC retains Copyright over the document.
Further publications are due in 2019.

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