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What we do

The Toodyay Naturalists’ Club (Inc) is a not-for-profit community group based on the western fringe of Western Australia’s Wheatbelt. First settled in 1836, Toodyay was one of the earliest inland towns established.

One of the earliest farming families to settle in Toodyay were the Drummonds. James Drummond senior (1787-1863), was a renowned botanist.

Western Australia has an incredible diversity of flora and fauna, and Drummond was a most prodigious collector of its flora. Many thousands of plant specimens were sent back to England and Europe for classification and naming. In 1842, he sent fifteen sets of 1,000 plants (known as the first collection) back to London. Together with his second and third collections, a total of over 2,000 species of plants, most of them new to science, were collected and dispatched.

Toodyay has a good share of this botanical ‘Utopia’, and is proud to be able to continue the knowledge-gathering prowess of Drummond. The Club meets regularly throughout the year, often in the field, and has a good diversity of members with varying interests.

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Our Aims

To preserve and promote native flora, fauna and landscape values of the Avon Valley and our region by exchanging ideas, supporting research, education, publishing and any other practical works that encourage the community to be aware of the natural environment and/or materially further its preservation and restoration.
On 4th January 2017 amended Rules of Association were accepted by the Department of Commerce Associations and Charities Branch. To read these updated rules click here

Where and when we meet

The Club meets on the third Saturday of the month, between February and November, at the CWA rooms, 101 Stirling Terrace, in Toodyay. However there are a number of occasions when the Club will meet in the field. Our Programme has the location of our meetings. Drummond House, 108B Stirling Terrace is the home of the Club; it is open Saturday mornings from10am until midday.

The map below will give you directions to the CWA Hall.

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